Dumfries & Galloway Health & Social Care

Call out for photos

Call out for photos


Dumfries and Galloway NHS Board are calling out to their staff and to the community to ask them to share with them their photos of the region to be used in some of their upcoming promotional activity, including recruitment campaigns.

The current stock of photos needs to be updated so as to reflect the diverse culture, activities, housing, and work life of our beautiful region. The NHS wants to ensure when they go to recruitment events to promote working in our region that they can appeal to a wide ranging audience and really showcase what it has to offer.





Your photo will need to fall into one of the following categories and below are some ideas as to what that could be


The NHS are looking for some pictures showcasing some of the great places there are to work in within the organisation across the region.  Do you have pictures from team away days or general life in your role?  Perhaps you work at DGRI and there is a particular room which has an amazing view or you want to share with others the work area or a place where you like to go and chill out.


Perhaps you live in an area that has outstanding scenery such as beaches, countryside or it may be you think you live in or know of a really pretty house or street that you feel would help promote the area.


Please have loads of fun with this category. We are looking for a range of photos to appeal to families and single professionals. It could be children running on one of the beautiful beaches or shots from a family day out at a local attraction. You may have photos from one of the local food, drink, music or book festivals that we have locally. It may be that you have some photos relating to sports or outdoor pursuits such as bicycle trails or running groups that would appeal to people out of the area.


Entry details

Please send to dgcommunications@nhs.net

Including in the email, please add the following:

  • Name*
  • Staff group: i.e. nurse, administrator. If not staff please state “Member of the public”
  • Category: (work, live or play)
  • Where the photo was taken: i.e. Portpatrick, Sandyhills Beach

Entry requirements and terms

Photos should be of good quality and where they are of direct shots of people or faces are recognisable you should have had the permission from the individuals in the photos.

Any work related photos should not include any confidential information or breach any privacy or dignity policy.

By submitting your photo you are giving the NHS your permission to use your photo in some of its marketing campaigns.

*The NHS will where possible identify the name of the person who took the photo and staff group unless you would prefer not to be identified, If so, please in Name sign ‘anonymous’.

The NHS may not be able to use all photos if they have inappropriate content