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Drug and alcohol use information
for Professionals

Problematic Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Drug or alcohol use can be problematic when substances are taken in amounts or in ways that are harmful to the individual, or to others around them. ISSU18 supports young people who are struggling with drug or alcohol use of their own, or that of a family member.

How might this affect them?

When to refer to CAMHS?

You can refer to CAMHS, with consent, where you feel a young person is personally engaging in problematic consumption of drugs and/or alcohol, or where they have been directly affected by parental, carer or close family member substance use.

What should I tell the family?

If you suspect a young person requires ISSU18 input, whether that be for individual substance misuse or parental substance use;

It is vital to gain consent from them prior to placing a referral.

Be honest regarding your concerns and why you think it is appropriate to refer them on.


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