Dumfries & Galloway Health & Social Care

Supporting Carers in Dumfries and Galloway – Carers Act Funding 2021/22

Supporting Carers is a priority for the Dumfries and Galloway Integration Joint Board and one of the nine national health and wellbeing outcomes.

A funding opportunity to support Carers in the region is now available as a result of additional funding for Carers from the Scottish Government. There remains over £100,000 of Carers Act Funding for Dumfries and Galloway for the financial year 2021/22 currently unallocated. This funding is available on both a recurring and non-recurring basis and the Carers Programme Board is inviting proposals for the use of these monies.

Proposals might be in relation to

  • testing change
  • finding new ways to use recurring funding
  • identifying short breaks for Carers

Submission of application(s)   

Carers Act Funding Application Form

Proposals should be submitted via the above application form to dg.spcp@nhs.scot. The closing date for proposals to be received is 5pm on Thursday 6 December 2021.

Criteria for Application 

The aims and outcomes of the proposal must clearly demonstrate improvements to the lived experience of Carers in Dumfries and Galloway (please see criteria in appendix one)

Decision Process and Timescale 

On 16 December 2021 the Carers Programme Board will make decisions on those proposals seeking non-recurring funding.  They will also approve recommendations in relation to proposals seeking recurring funding to go forward to the Integration Joint board in early 2022. 

Proposal leads will be informed of the outcomes the Carers Programme Board discussion and IJB meetings.  

Monitoring and Evaluation 

All funded projects will be required to deliver regular data in relation to agreed proposal measures to the Carers Programme Board. 

Appendix One – Criteria 

The funding panel will consider applications against the following criteria

  • Strategic Fit – How fits with local and national strategy, policy and guidance such as IJB Strategic Commissioning Plan and Carers Act 
  • Effectiveness – How the needs of Carers will be met. The aims and expected outcomes and how these will be evaluated 
  • Deliverability – Description of the availability of resources (e.g. workforce, premises, equipment)  
  • Sustainability – Description of an exit strategy or sustainability plan 
  • Affordability – Outline of the cost and an assessment of the value for money 
  • Risk – Assessment of the risk of progressing or not progressing the proposal 

Each proposal will be scored against each criterion. These scores will be aggregated to determine an overall score. Each criterion will have the same weighting.