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Inspiring Futures- Health, Emergency and Social Care event

#Inspiring Futures – Health, Emergency and Social Care Services event, is an annual career information event held in June for students from across Dumfries and Galloway that are entering S4.

It is a truly collaborative event with The Health and Social Care partners across Dumfries and Galloway which include the NHS, the Councils Care and Support Services (CASS) and Social Services, independently owned care homes, care at homes, GP practices and Dental practices  and third sector organisations working together to showcase what it is like to work in some of our roles across our different settings.

Over 15,000 people employed in Health, Emergency and Social care service in the region the sector is the largest employer​.

  •  Meet professionals from a range of job families ​
  •  Understand the educational and vocational pathways ​
  •  Learn about which STEM subjects apply ​
  •  Find out more about work experience opportunities ​
  •  Scan QR codes to each of our organisations career pages 
  •  What type of person fits this role well?​

For example, Pharmacy roles tend to require:​

  •  Attention to detail as dealing with medication. ​
  •  Dexterous (good with hands) as often small pills and fiddly packages ​
  •  Good maths ​
  •  Good listening skills as a wide range of customers from other clinical staff to directly with patients. ​
  •  Able to keep confidence as personal information given ​
  •  if there are a lot of jobs going in this area? ​
  •  Why they like their job? ​
  • What makes  their job fun? ​​
  • What they do not like about their your job? ​
  • What is good experience for your university/college or job application? 

Types of stalls and interactive sessions available at the event:

  • Pharmacy
  • Dentists
  • Blood and cell sciences
  • Medics
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Skills development scotland
  • Developing young workforce (DYW)
  • Ambulance
  • Armed forces
  • Social workers
  • Psychological services
  • Communication team
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Administration and clerical services
  • Allied health professions (AHPs)
  • Estates and facilities
  • Support services
  • Lets get sporty
  • Work experience information
  • What age group?

The programme is designed for students who are making choices about their future careers.

Mainly aimed at school age S4 and above.  As this is an annual event if you miss the event because you have just entered S3 don’t worry you will be able to attend next year when you are in S4

  • I don’t attend school but I am school-age. Can I come?

Of course, there is a session at the end of the main school slots for anyone of school age that is currently not in school, the General public, students attending college, Homeschooled students and anyone who wishes to come back at the end of the day for a further look around,  parents are welcome to join you too.

  • Will I still be able to access free school meals?

You will be attending with your school and if already in receipt of a school meal will gain a packed lunch to bring.  All students will be encouraged to bring a packed lunch if their time slot is over lunchtime. 

  • I am a carer will I be able to get support to attend?

You can access respite care on the following link https://www.dumgal.gov.uk/article/15925/Support-for-Carers-and-Young-Carers and there are also some great organisations that we would encourage you to link in with who can give advice and support such as http://www.dgalcarers.co.uk/young-carers-project.php 

  • Am I able to attend as I have some special requirements, such as wheelchair access?

When your school is applying to attend the event the school co-coordinators asked if any special requirements are needed. 

“DYW Work Ready days are fantastic opportunities for our students to explore different careers on site at their schools however, due to the size of the H&SC sector, we are delighted to be able to sponsor this bespoke event at the college for schools to attend. The effort the partners have made to ensure this event meets the needs of our students, while showcasing as many of the 350 different roles within the sector, is fantastic”
"It is great to be able to join forces with the other health and social care partners and emergency services to put on an event that will hopefully see students learning more about our amazing sector. At a time when we are all short staff, this event has allowed us to pool our resources and I am delighted to work alongside council and NHS colleagues on the day to have some fun working with students in the college's bespoke care hub. Most of our HCSW roles in the sector do not require qualifications to enter as we give educational development on the job, so for me and my colleagues being able to year on year inform a potential future workforce of what skills and values are needed to do the role is invaluable." ​
Becca Gilmour
Manager of a small independent residential Care home in Lockerbie

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