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Confidentiality is about keeping your information private. Feeling comfortable and being able to talk freely in your appointment with your mental health professional is important. 

When you first come to CAMHS your worker will mention confidentiality.   All the workers in CAMHS write notes about what has been talked about during your appointments. Sometimes they will write to your GP or other people with your consent.  

The NHS has rules about keeping your information private. Your information is stored in your health notes on a computer system.  

You might want your worker to share information with your school or with other professionals in your life. Your CAMHS worker would discuss that with you before sharing anything. 

When could your confidentiality be broken? In some situations, your information may need to be shared without your consent. This is called ‘breaking confidentiality’. 

It should only happen if: 

  • There are concerns that you’re at risk of serious harm or you’re in danger. For example, if you’ve told someone that you’re being hurt, they may need to share this to make sure you are kept safe. 
  • There are concerns that someone else is at serious risk of harm or that they’re in danger. For example, if you tell someone your sibling is feeling suicidal, they may need to share what you’ve said with someone else. This is to make sure your sibling stays safe. 
  • You’re unable to make the decision about sharing your information. For example, if you’re not able to understand what you’re consenting to and what might happen if you say yes or no. 
  • Someone is told they have to by law. For example, if the information is needed for a court case. 

If the professional does need to tell someone what you’ve told them, they should always try to tell you first. If you have any worries about your confidentiality, then talk with your CAMHS worker. 

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