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Intellectual Disability Psychology Service

The Intellectual Disability Psychology Service’s clinical provision consists of a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist.

The Service will sometimes have Assistant Psychologists and trainee Clinical Psychologists on placement. Assistants and trainees are supervised and line managed by qualified clinicians.

What We Do

The service is open to people of all ages who have an intellectual disability, or suspected intellectual disability. We work closely with all regional health and social care teams, working with people within the community and inpatients. We aim to be easy to access and locally available.

We are an assessment led service. This means the majority of our work involves assessment and psychological formulation. Psychological formulation is where the clinician considers the individual’s experience, to help understand a given psychological difficulty. We will then work with the individual and their support network to help meet their needs, in an evidence-informed way. For those individuals who require it, we can offer highly specialist intervention, such as direct psychological therapy.

We offer training and consultation to teams and families/carers, to ensure appropriate, psychologically-informed, approaches to supporting people with an intellectual disability.

We are often involved in areas such as

  • Assessing whether a young person or adult meets current formal classification criteria of an intellectual disability
  • Supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Supporting concerns regarding behaviour of concern/behaviour that challenges
  • Contribution to wider mental capacity considerations, for example assessment of welfare and financial knowledge and understanding
  • Assessing and supporting concerns regarding cognitive decline and possible dementia
  • Child and Adult Protection issues.

This work can be completed through:

  • Direct client work
  • Advice to parents, carers and professionals
  • Training on psychological issues.

We are also involved in service development work. 

Referral Information

We have an open referral system and receive referrals from any source, including self referrals. It is important that consent is sought, prior to making any referral.

An intellectual disability (sometimes known as a learning disability) is where the person has significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive functioning (daily living skills). These difficulties must have been present prior to the age of 18.

It is important to note this service does not assess for learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, or neuro-developmental conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder. The service will work with individuals who have such diagnoses, only if there is a co-occurring intellectual disability, or suspected intellectual disability.

Intellectual Disability Psychology Service Referral Form


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Intellectual Disability Psychology Service (Lifespan)
Mountainhall Treatment Centre
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Tel. 01387 244 495

Open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, for enquiries.