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Organisational Culture & Team Wellbeing

Organisational Development and Learning (ODL)

(NHS Only)

The Organisational Development Team are here to enable you, your team, your group to be their best at work. We will work with you to create a package that provides the outcomes and outputs you need.

There are hundreds of options available to create the best package for you, including; coaching, psychometric testing, team working, leadership development programs, creating spaces for real conversations, building good conversations, managing challenges and conflicts….and much more

Everything we offer builds on and recognises the existing strengths of the individual and the group.

  • Contact us on 01387 244042
  • (the lines are open Mon-Fri 9:00-2:30 except bank holidays)

Or email dg.odl@nhs.scot

Pro Social


PROSCOCIAL is about creating cooperation through having better, more productive conversations. Teams and team members identify what is important to them and find ways to work together towards this. The PROSOCIAL process is usually carried out over a few sessions. 


In addition to the PROSOCIAL approach, one off sessions can also be requested from the menu of options below:- 

  • CPD sessions (e.g. self care & coping with trauma) 
  • Reflective/debrief sessions 

ACT Matrix/noticing tool sessions- helping teams identify what is important to them and how to keep doing these things even when difficulties and challenges occur.  

Civility Saves Lives

Promotion of positive behaviours across teams, workplaces and services recognising that civility within the workplace has an impact on staff wellbeing as well as patient outcomes.

Value Based Reflective Practice

Values Based Reflective Practice (VBRP) provides a safe space and opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional values, to enhance professional relationships and support your own wellbeing. Sessions will be supported by trained facilitators.