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Mental Health

We aim to provide high quality, safe, effective, recovery focussed and person centred care.

Who We Are

The Service is a specialist service that provides assessment and ongoing care for people with mental disorders and mental health needs associated with increased risks; significant impairment to functioning and/or complex problems and who may have significant difficulties engaging in support and treatment.

The Service comprises professionals from a range of disciplines who work together to deliver comprehensive care that addresses individual needs. These professionals work within a range of teams. Each of these teams share the same NHS values, working to service objectives, and promoting collaborative, coordinated, person-centred care. These teams are listed below:

In addition to this, there are also tertiary services that provide specialist assessment and advice to the teams:


A therapeutic relationship is based on having confidence that information is not disclosed without that person’s agreement.

The individual can agree to full or partial information sharing. We will only discuss information on a need to know basis. Similarly, we will treat any discussions with carers in confidence and only share these with the service user if the carers agree with this.

If any risks are identified, we have a duty of care to respond appropriately and may have to share information against your wishes; this will always be discussed with you.

Clear and accurate recording of information is essential in providing effective and appropriate multi-disciplinary care. All patient information will be recorded on the electronic records system in line with professional guidelines, local/national policies and data protection.

What We Do

The Service will provide high quality, safe, effective, recovery focussed and person-centred care which aims to make our communities the best place to live active, safe and healthy lives by promoting independence, choice and control.

The Service provides a comprehensive specialist service for patients in a way that promotes respect and dignity and will keep patients at the centre of their care.

The Service aspire to high standards of excellence and professionalism that, where possible, reflect the needs and preferences of patients, their families and their carers.

The Service will be open and honest, working responsibly across organisational boundaries with other organisations in the interests of patients, communities and the wider population.

The Service is committed to providing the best value for making the most effective and fair use of resources.

Engaging and consulting with individuals, families, carers and communities will be crucial in all that we do: listening to, and considering, their views, experiences and ideas will ensure that the design and delivery of services meet identified local needs and aspirations now and in the future.

How to get in touch

Mental Health Organisational Chart

The General Manager and the team in the Mental Health Directorate are based at:

Mountainhall Treatment Centre
Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4AP

Tel: 01387 244007